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Whilst the swarming safari circuit circles Arusha and Kilimanjaro, Rivertrees is tucked away out of town, and serves as a gateway to the abundance of natural wonders indigenous to Northern Tanzania, as well as a beautiful destination in its own right. For those in transit to and from safari, it provides a peaceful pause between destinations… And for those who are lingering longer, there is a wealth of interests just on its doorstep.



This treasure of an understated park merits a whole safari in its own right, and it spans a territory teeming with natural wonders. Its terrain scales the lichen-forested slopes up to Mt Meru’s craggy peak, in whose foothills nestle the flamingo-filled Momela lakes. Buffalo dot the marshy heart of Ngurdoto Crater, and grassy glades of wildlife intersperse cool shady forests festooned with orchids, birds and colobus monkeys.

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Kiligolf, as it is affectionately known, boasts a thousand stunning acres set amidst thick bush and indigenous fauna and birdlife. With views of Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru, one can enjoy a round on USGA-specification greens and Tanzania’s first championship-layout course. Beautifully sculpted spans of emerald fairways give way to gorgeous water features that host dazzling birdlife and elegant species of grazing gazelle. 

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Wild Tracks takes pride in sourcing organic, fair trade coffee by supporting the locally founded Aranga Coffee Group. Made up of 28 Tanzanian families, some of whose coffee bushes date back to 1910, they handpick, pulp and dry the coffee before it is roasted and ground into a rich, world-class brew. A visit to the farms showcases the whole process from start to finish, offering insight into traditional farming methods as well as Nkoaranga Village’s thriving agricultural lifestyle.



Tanzania’s German Embassy has funded a fantastic facility for the disabled, resulting in a delightful cafe and shop that sells only goods made by handicapped people, or similar organisations that benefit their fellows. Free Wi-Fi, delicious coffee and home-made meals, and a bakery that turns out mouth-watering breads and pastries all generate additional income that goes toward funding students with disabilities whose families are unable to afford school fees.



The patron saint of hope and desperate cases casts a benevolent eye over this inspiring institution which is Africa’s largest charity-funded school of its kind. Each student is chosen for their academic promise that would otherwise be compromised by poverty, and all are fed, housed and educated by the school. Visitors are given the chance to participate in everyday student life, or experience a home visit to the communities that the pupils come from.

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As its name suggests, Cultural Heritage is home to an impressive collection of artifacts that bear testament to Tanzania’s rich creative legacy. From precious stones to carvings, antiques, literature, textiles and jewelry from all corners of the continent, there is decades’ worth of browsing to be had. Work with experts to design your own jewelry or take in the awe-inspiring collection of art in the owner’s specially designed gallery – or simply enjoy the sunshine and a book in the quiet of the restaurant. 



Northern Tanzania is home to the iconic warrior tribe of the Maasai, and no snapshot of the region is complete without their striking red attire and intricately decorative beading. Traditionally they gather for monthly market-days to trade goods and catch up on news, and the Maasai Market offers an insight into a lively culture of bartering and trading, and a chance to procure some of their exquisite crafts, artwork and jewellery.



Rarer than diamonds, these unfathomably ancient stones are unique to Tanzania, and make for a fascinating tale to be told. The Tanzanite Experience allows the opportunity to discover their history, as well as explore the process that turns out the stunning indigo jewels that we know. Including a walk through a life-size replica of a mine and the chance to handle the rough gems, the tour is as educational as it is enthralling.



Shanga Shangaa employs and empowers people with disabilities to create a variety of breathtakingly beautiful goods out of hand-blown recycled glass. Its jewellery, tableware and range of products designed to add an element of the extraordinary to any home are now widely sold, the profits of which go toward pioneering new creations and training greater numbers of talented disabled people in the art of glass.

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Meserani Snake Park brings its guests face to face with some of the world’s most venomous reptiles, under the capable guidance of a Maasai escort. While watching enormous crocodiles feeding and holding a live snake promise an adrenaline-filled afternoon, there are also the tamer pleasures of visiting the Free Education Centre which offers classes to local Maasai, and the medical health clinic providing treatment at no cost to over a thousand patients each month.

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Welcome to Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, just moments from our hotel. Begin an exhilarating multi-day trek to Uhuru Peak, guided by seasoned mountaineers, through lush rain forests, alpine meadows, and lunar landscapes. Explore Kilimanjaro National Park for diverse flora and fauna, then immerse yourself in Moshi’s culture and cuisine. Relax at nearby Chemka hot springs after adventure-filled days. Join the annual Kilimanjaro Marathon for scenic routes. Take leisurely drives, bike rides or even a scenic flight around the mountain’s base for panoramic views. Discover enchanting waterfalls in the foothills. Mount Kilimanjaro offers unforgettable experiences for adventurers, culture enthusiasts, and relaxation seekers alike.