Rivertrees is immersed in the natural beauties indigenous to Northern Tanzania, and there is never any shortage of exploring to do. Opt for Arusha National Park and the foothills of Mt Meru a mere 15 minutes away, or spend an afternoon canoeing on Duluti’s spectacular crater lake. A cycle through the colourful bustle of the village and past smallholder coffee projects offers insight into local life.


Blessed with a stunning national park on our doorstep, there are activities abounding to do justice to this special spot. For those happy to take in the sights from the seat of a jeep, a full-day game drive showcases the diversity of this lush Eden. For the more active, break the drive with an exploration on foot and absorb the cool quiet of the forest. Alternatively, trade the jeep for a canoe and take in the birdlife on Momela Lake… Or, better yet – do all three.

 Price: on enquiry


A short drive in the direction of Arusha leads to the little-known gem that is Lake Duluti Forest Reserve, whose lake is a crater enclosed by plush slopes of forest leading down to the water’s edge. An afternoon canoeing across its calm surface offers stunning views of Mt Meru, as well as a wealth of birdlife resident to its surrounds. Most notably, flocks of Cattle Egrets numbering in the hundreds swoop in overhead as they return to roost toward evening.

Price: $35 per person + $30 per car for the ride to Lake Duluti


For those fascinated by the local lifestyle, an expedition on bicycle meanders through colourful village life and rural scenery, highlighting smallholder projects that bear out the region’s coffee-growing legacy. Zigzagging up into the hills of Mt Meru before spiralling back down to the inn, this is a two-hour trip that can be tailored to the fitness of the individual, and is led by one of our local guides.

Price: $35 per person


The Aranga Coffee Group consists of 28 Tanzanian families, some of whom have been growing organic coffee since the early 1900’s. A three-hour guided tour wends its way through Nkoaranga Village to the Group’s nursery, where one of the local farmers will walk you through the process of growing, picking and drying the berries, before a tour of the factory where the coffee is ground and packaged as the delicious final product enjoyed the world over.

Price: 1 $80 / 2 $100 / 3 $115 / 4 $128 / 5 $140 – 6 or more: additional $26 per person


A few hours meandering through the bustling village of Usa River offers an enchanting insight into day-to-day Tanzanian life, and a wonderful way to interact with the vibrant culture of the region. A guide will lead the way past local farms, stopping to talk farming methods with the people working the fields, before escorting you to the heart of the community to impart a flavour of the colour and vitality of the village.

Price: $35 per person


Discover something new around every corner with an engrossing guided tour, led by a professional tour guide. Spot the impressive diversity in flora and fauna as you discover hidden nooks along the numerous winding paths and bask in the lushness of the grounds and the flowing river and furrows.

Price: complimentary


Tarangire National Park is a mere three-hour drive from Rivertrees, and offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a day’s safari in one of Tanzania’s richest reserves. Its high elephant population imparts a rare chance to get up close to these gentle giants, and there’s always the possibility of glimpsing some predators slinking through the savannah. The proximity of such a treasure trove of wildlife, and in such a scenic setting, makes this a must for those with a day to spare.

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Lake Manyara is one of East Africa’s spectacular soda lakes, created by the tectonic activity of the Great Rift Valley. When water levels are high, this is a body of water that spans up to 200 square kilometers, and plays host to unfathomable numbers of flamingoes as well as hundreds of other species of birds and wildlife. Within easy reach of Rivertrees, it makes for a memorable day trip and beautifully showcases one of Northern Tanzania’s natural beauties.

Price: on enquiry


A Journey to the Heart of Kilimanjaro – No Summit Required” Embark on a 3-hour drive to the majestic Shira Plateau, nestled at 3,500 meters (11,500 feet), where the breathtaking view of Kilimanjaro’s glacier-capped summit unfolds before your eyes. Tailor your full day journey to match your energy, with an invigorating 5-hour hike for early risers or a 2 to 3-hour stroll for a relaxed experience. Traverse diverse terrain, from lush vegetation to open Savannah, with panoramic vistas of snow-capped peaks. Our hotel provides the perfect base for exploration, ensuring an unforgettable journey amidst Kilimanjaro’s splendor.